From Robert Quinn: A student in my current class on trans­for­ma­tional lead­er­ship came to see me.  The class is about how to change the world by changing self.  If we choose to be more purpose-centered, inter­nally directed, other-focused, and exter­nally open, the change in us changes our conver­sa­tions, the people in the conver­sa­tions, and then the larger context or orga­ni­za­tion in which the conver­sa­tions occur.

While this sounds simple, it defies normal assump­tions.  Almost all of us are programmed to try to change others by telling then why they should change.  If that does not work, as it often does not, we try to change them by exer­cising some kind of leverage.  Since this concept is hard to under­stand and to teach I am always searching for exam­ples.  When an example shows up, I am most grateful. · Go to Tran­scending conflict by choosing to flourish →