From Gallup: Whether the economy is good or bad, most orga­ni­za­tions are constantly looking for ways to increase produc­tivity. For managers who are looking to do more with less, a key first step is for them to know their employees indi­vid­u­ally. This helps managers posi­tion workers for success, moti­vate them, and keep them focused on actions that are essen­tial for the continued health of the orga­ni­za­tion.
Employees who inten­tion­ally apply their strengths to their work increase the odds of their success.
But it’s diffi­cult for managers to do any of this if they are not attuned to the strengths of the people on their team. And it’s just as diffi­cult for workers to use their strengths if their managers don’t under­stand, appre­ciate, or maxi­mize those strengths. · Go to Strengths-based goal setting →