From Meg Cadoux Hirsh­berg at ChangeThis: Clearly, when it comes to busi­ness-building, some degree of obses­sion is required—or soon the busi­ness won’t be around to obsess about. The problem arises when entre­pre­neurs try to simul­ta­ne­ously enjoy a thriving family life while they are growing a successful company. Busi­ness-building intro­duces the obvious pres­sures that arise when free time is scarce, but the finan­cial risk and uncer­tainty also become sources of tension. Combined with the classic entre­pre­neurial personality—the tendency to need to be the boss, to make the deci­sions, and to go it solo—the entre­pre­neurial life can be diffi­cult for spouses to endure. At the very least, this cock­tail can intro­duce resent­ment and fric­tion into the rela­tion­ship. · Go to Twelve gentle rules: How a couple can live together peace­fully when one of them is an entre­pre­neur →