From Laura Vanderkam at ChangeThis: The last few years have certainly shown the down­side of thinking that more house is always better, even if you have to stretch to afford it. Regard­less, it’s silly to talk about personal finance without talking about where you live and what you drive. In the context of achieving happi­ness, there is also some intriguing research suggesting that big, infre­quent purchases (such as houses and cars) don’t do much for overall happi­ness, whereas spending a lower percentage of your income on these items might free up cash for cate­gories that will give you a more pleasant life. There are also plenty of people who have discov­ered this truth and, rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses or submit­ting to their tyranny, are getting a good laugh at them. · Go to Laughing at the Joneses →