From Kristi Hedges at ChangeThis: Lying inside you, untapped, is an inspi­ra­tional force. Guided by passion and steered by your influ­ence, you can build momentum for your­self, others or a greater cause. Hearts are full, and ideas are many.

You might want to start a busi­ness. Land a ‘change every­thing’ job. Get respect. Break the glass ceiling. Shatter your own ceiling. Own the room. Moti­vate a team to great­ness. Change your entire career. Leave a legacy. Or fight for an issue you lose sleep over. You can do it, no ques­tion. But it takes more than heart. It requires the game changing power of lead­er­ship pres­ence. And most people have no idea how to get it. · Go to Inspire and influ­ence with the power of pres­ence →