From ChangeThis: 32,000 years ago, our most ancient ancestor drew a beau­tiful bull on the wall of a cave in a place we now call France. That bull is the oldest known human sketch ever found. In the sweep of recorded human history, it is the begin­ning of the “whoosh.” 27,000 years later, another ancient ancestor created Hiero­glyphics by drawing a similar bull on a muddy brick, and written language was born. From that moment on, pictures were doomed. Yes, humanity’s five-thou­sand-year love affair with words has given us so much — but at what hidden cost? Over the millenia, we have grad­u­ally purged our visual mind from our under­standing of language, commu­ni­ca­tions, and intel­li­gence. Just when we need pictures the most, we no longer have the ability to think visu­ally. It’s time to bring our visual mind back. · Go to The 5,000 year history of how we lost half our mind (or how blah-blah-blah has grad­u­ally taken over our lives) →