From ChangeThis: Most of what you need to know about success in life is personal in nature. I’ve learned, through my own expe­ri­ence and that of the people I’ve worked with, that people need each other to have fulfilling work, successful careers and mean­ingful lives. Regard­less of your cultural back­ground, your age group, or your social status, your need to get along with people is funda­mental to your happi­ness. No matter how much tech­nical skill you have in your partic­ular field of exper­tise, no matter how smart you are, how capable you are, how gifted you are, if you don’t know how to connect, relate and commu­ni­cate with people, there’s little hope for you.

Whether the times are great, or the economy is in the tank, the people who do the best, who prosper and advance, are the people who know how to connect with other people and have it matter. Whether you are a home­maker, a parent, a busi­ness owner, a manager, a waiter or a postal worker, your skill with other people deter­mines every­thing. And when you have the skill to build rela­tion­ships and networks of rela­tion­ships, the world is your oyster, and all options are open for you. Being able to click is just a matter of knowing what to do, why to do it, and how to do it. · Go to Click­a­bility: A skill for life →