From Garr Reynolds: While listening care­fully to teachers (and to the masters, etc.) is impor­tant, the real learning requires lots and lots of doing, not just listening. One does not learn to play the music — or math or science for that matter — only by sitting in a chair and listening. One learns by doing and figuring things out. I do not provide any answers or insights here, but I wanted to point you to several presen­ta­tions and inter­views below concerning educa­tion and schooling that I have found partic­u­larly rele­vant and stim­u­lating. I think they are all worth watching. I hope you’ll find some­thing worth while in these presen­ta­tions that you’d like to share with others and keep the discus­sion concerning educa­tion and schooling going. · Go to Videos to help you rethink educa­tion, learning, & school →