From ChangeThis: For those who work in adver­tising, simply being fasci­nated with the future isn’t enough. We have to glean insight from it and process it and wrap it up in a bright shiny message that sells this incre­men­tally better future to the rest of the human race (or, at the very least, our target market), brought to you on behalf of Brand X.

Of course this has never been an easy task. But today, for a number of reasons, adver­tising the future, and the future of adver­tising are more diffi­cult and compli­cated propo­si­tions than ever. Because today, not only do adver­tising people have to fully under­stand and market the past, present and future of their brands, more than ever they must have a thor­ough grasp of the seem­ingly infi­nite changes that are shaping the future of their industry. This includes every­thing from the rapidly evolving media land­scape to the constant emer­gence of new messaging delivery vehi­cles to the very ways in which creative and strategic ideas are devel­oped, shared and created anew. · Go to The road to Pandora →