From ChangeThis: Many entre­pre­neurs feel that they cannot start a busi­ness without a great idea. They believe it will be impos­sible to succeed without a completely new concept, as the market will already be cornered by estab­lished busi­nesses. Only by venturing into uncharted terri­tory can they achieve their dreams. This is the fallacy of the great idea.

The simple truth is that it is quite possible to create a thriving busi­ness without a big idea. In fact, starting up with a tried and tested concept is very sensible. The real key to success is focus and bril­liant execu­tion. Yes, the world needs people with grand ideas who are willing to take big risks to further progress, but the world also needs small busi­nesses creating jobs, and entre­pre­neurs should not be embar­rassed about not having a claim on orig­i­nality. · Go to The fallacy of the great idea →