From William Drenttel at Design Observer: Social design defines a new kind of designer. It needs to be expan­sively conceived beyond trained designers to include end users and social partic­i­pants. Social design cannot be a subspe­cialty of the design profes­sion (like graphic design, package design, product design, service design, and so on), but is a larger activity that depends upon design in all its forms — thought, processes, tools, method­olo­gies, skills, histo­ries, systems—to contribute to the needs of a larger society. It implies at once an atti­tude and an approach to life: as such, it can help us frame how we want to live in the future. It is there­fore inher­ently prag­matic and results-oriented, simul­ta­ne­ously humble and ambi­tious, and funda­men­tally opti­mistic and forward-looking. · Go to Designing for social change →