From Kristin Arnold at ChangeThis: While it will always be easier to recite infor­ma­tion (one-way) than it is to make an engaging speech (two-way) presen­ta­tion that connects with your audi­ence, today’s audi­ences are demanding more engage­ment and inter­ac­tion. Their lives are full of instant updates and streaming head­line news sent straight to their cell phones. They are expecting you to bring specific knowl­edge they can’t get anywhere else and deliver it in an enter­taining way. Unfor­tu­nately, most people rely on a few tried (yet true) tech­niques to engage an audi­ence and rarely stumble outside their comfort zone. If you truly want to connect with your audi­ence, you can choose to make your presen­ta­tions more engaging and inter­ac­tive. · Go to 15 12 ideas to make your presen­ta­tion go from boring to bravo →