From Michael Bungay Stainer at ChangeThis: Getting anything up and flying is a tricky busi­ness. I’m still learning how to catch the wind just right in most of the things I do. This story is about launching a new project, a book. But if it was a kite, right now we’d be seeing it crashed and broken on the ground.

18 months later, and it’s all changed. End Malaria launches September 6th, published by Seth Godin’s latest venture The Domino Project. 58 smart men and women share their best insights, strate­gies and tips to stop the over­whelm, focus on the work that matters and make a real impact in the work you do. And we’ve solved the money thing. $20 from every $25 book sold goes to Malaria No More, to further their mission of ending malaria in Africa by 2015.

Here’s why, second time around, my own Great Work Project got off the ground and what I learned (and you can learn to) from trav­eling at the speed of Seth. · Go to At the speed of Seth: What I learned working with Seth Godin and the Domino Project →