Modern medi­cine is designed for groups. The inter­ac­tions of drugs, patients, and diseases are unpredictable—clinical trials are popu­la­tion based and do not account for personal idio­syn­crasies, much less medical histo­ries. In The Creative Destruc­tion of Medi­cine, pioneering geneti­cist and cardi­ol­o­gist Eric Topol intro­duces a radical new approach—by bringing the era of big data to the clinic, labo­ra­tory, and hospital. With personal tech­nology, doctors can see a full, contin­u­ously updated picture of each patient and treat each indi­vid­u­ally. Powerful new tools can sequence one’s genome to predict the effects of any drugs, and improved imaging and printing tech­nology are begin­ning to enable us to print organs on demand. Topol offers a glimpse of the medi­cine of the future—one he is deeply involved in shaping. · Go to The Creative Destruc­tion of Medi­cine by Eric Topol →