From Neal Krause, Lindsey Evans, Gregory Powers and R. David Hayward at The Journal of Posi­tive Psychology: Research on feel­ings of grat­i­tude to God has not kept pace with research on feel­ings of grat­i­tude to other people. The purpose of this study was to address this gap in the knowl­edge base by conducting a series of indi­vidual in-depth qual­i­ta­tive inter­views. Four main themes emerged from these qual­i­ta­tive inter­views. The first has to do with the inter­face between feel­ings of grat­i­tude to God and stress, the second involves the ways in which feel­ings of grat­i­tude to God are expressed, the third theme is concerned with whether God rewards the grateful and punishes the ungrateful, and the fourth theme deals with the perceived bene­fits of feeling grateful to God. An emphasis is placed throughout on showing how the find­ings can inform research on the rela­tion­ships between feeling grateful to God and health. · Go to Feeling grateful to God: A qual­i­ta­tive inquiry →