From Peter Block: This culture holds firmly to the belief that our insti­tu­tions and our citi­zens are driven and shaped by those who lead them. When we look at a work­place, we explain its culture by looking at the manage­ment style and vision of its leaders. We ignore the possi­bility that leaders are created, manu­fac­tured and molded by their followers. Employees hold impor­tant cards that deter­mine what the orga­ni­za­tion will become. Leaders have their place and we would each rather have a great leader than a small one, but we consis­tently under­value the extent to which the lead­er­ship we get is exactly the lead­er­ship we have created. Joel Henning is an author, consul­tant and friend of mine. I recently partic­i­pated in a simu­la­tion he designed in which teams are asked to role-play three different styles of lead­er­ship. · Go to As goes the follower, so goes the leader →