From Brian Solis at ChangeThis: Social media is not the cata­lyst for change, but merely one of its agents. We must remember that Face­book, Twitter, Youtube, and the like are the networks that facil­i­tate an uprising. However, it is repres­sion, angst, injus­tice, inequality, vision, aspi­ra­tion and hope that serve as the true stim­ulus for insur­rec­tion and progress. Tech­nology plays a part in trans­for­ma­tion and it is up to you to learn how social, mobile, real-time, and all other emerging trends are affecting your indus­tries, commu­ni­ties, or markets.

What we learn as a result however is that these new tools can bring people together and unite them under a common front or concerted mission. At the center of any revo­lu­tion is the burning desire to bring about change. But it always comes down to people, shared expe­ri­ences, and a common ambi­tion. And it is people who need one another for lead­er­ship, support, and inspi­ra­tion. What’s missing from the equa­tion is your vision and lead­er­ship. · Go to Leading trans­for­ma­tion and capti­vating commu­ni­ties →