From ChangeThis: For those of you not familiar with Zappos, the company is an online retailer who defied the odds and built an Internet empire, initially as a virtual shoe store and now expanding its inven­tory well beyond shoes alone. Zappos has always charged top dollar for its prod­ucts and has succeeded primarily because the lead­er­ship inno­vated an expe­ri­ence that consis­tently exceeds the expec­ta­tions of customers, vendors, and people who simply encounter the brand.

Unlike other failed online vendors from the “dot gone” bust, Zappos invested in both the delivery infra­struc­ture and the corpo­rate culture neces­sary to produce customer evan­ge­lists. To help you appre­ciate how Zappos might serve as a provoca­tive bench­mark for your customer expe­ri­ence, let me give you a few high­lights from the 5 prin­ci­ples outlined in The Zappos Expe­ri­ence. · Go to Does your customer really need you? Lessons from Zappos →