From TED: In cities such as Delhi and Nairobi around the world chil­dren have a passionate desire to learn, but little oppor­tu­nity. Here at home, we face prob­lems a well: a third of kids don’t finish high school, and another third grad­uate unpre­pared for college or employ­ment. We can do better. So far when we’ve taken tech­nology to schools, we’ve layered the tech­nology on top of the way we’ve always orga­nized schools. Educa­tors are now shifting delivery to online learning and a blended learning approach. When we teach kids in the right way and with the right modality, they learn more per hour. Personal digital learning is the next wave in educa­tion, and will allow us to customize the learning expe­ri­ence, moti­vate students and equalize oppor­tu­ni­ties for learning.

Tom Vander Ark is CEO of Open Educa­tion Solu­tions, an orga­ni­za­tion which provides blended learning services. He is a partner in Learn Capital, a venture capital firm investing in learning content, plat­forms, and services aimed at trans­forming educa­tional engage­ment, access, and effec­tive­ness. A prolific writer and speaker, Tom has published thou­sands of arti­cles and blogs. He chairs the Inter­na­tional Asso­ci­a­tion for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), and serves on the board of LA’s Promise and Strive for College. Tom received the Distin­guished Achieve­ment Medal.