From Big Think: Our values as a society will deter­mine which psychophar­ma­ceu­ti­cals and (down the road) which genetic enhance­ment tech­nolo­gies we choose to develop and how we use them. That’s what concerns Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, senior Bioethi­cist at NASA and a pioneer in the field of neuroethics. Peering into his children’s and grandchildren’s future, he sees an America that rewards compet­i­tive­ness and produc­tivity over rela­tion­ship-building, and suspects that future gener­a­tions will face intense pres­sure to enhance their minds and bodies in unhealthy ways. The poli­tics of technophilia vs techno­phobia aside, our power to manip­u­late our brains and genes is increasing dramat­i­cally – and it raises serious ethical ques­tions. · Go to The ethics of designer brains →