From The Alcalde: Two days after Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured in a Tucson shooting, Bill Moyers — renowned journalist, former White House press secretary, and UT alum—found himself sitting in a radiology lab awaiting an MRI for a torn muscle. The only other person in the waiting room was a woman about his age. They made small talk and occasionally watched the muted TV tuned to a film filled with bloody car crashes and shootings. At one point, the stranger asked Moyers whether he was optimistic about America. “Sometimes I sense that it’s sinking like a great ship and not many of us are going to make it off,” the woman said. Struggling to answer, Moyers dodged the question until the technician called him. But since that day, Moyers said, he has regretted not answering her question. · Go to Bill Moyers: The heroism keeps coming →