From The Alcalde: Two days after Arizona Repre­sen­ta­tive Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured in a Tucson shooting, Bill Moyers — renowned jour­nalist, former White House press secre­tary, and UT alum—found himself sitting in a radi­ology lab awaiting an MRI for a torn muscle. The only other person in the waiting room was a woman about his age. They made small talk and occa­sion­ally watched the muted TV tuned to a film filled with bloody car crashes and shoot­ings. At one point, the stranger asked Moyers whether he was opti­mistic about America. “Some­times I sense that it’s sinking like a great ship and not many of us are going to make it off,” the woman said. Strug­gling to answer, Moyers dodged the ques­tion until the tech­ni­cian called him. But since that day, Moyers said, he has regretted not answering her ques­tion. · Go to Bill Moyers: The heroism keeps coming →