From The Wash­ington Post: The young man in the video pulls in close to his computer camera with the trap­pings of a typical college dorm room — a loft bed and the clutter of cast-off clothes — piled behind him. Alex Fioren­tini isn’t talking about girls, beer or foot­ball. Instead, it’s a coming-out moment of sorts.

Is it accept­able to the majority of the popu­la­tion to be an atheist?” he asks the camera. “Nope. Are all of your friends going to accept you as an atheist? Prob­ably not all of them. And yeah, those things are gonna suck. But the real ques­tion is, ‘Is it OK to be me?’ That is the real ques­tion if you are an atheist.” · Go to Athe­ists launch campaign to get unbe­lievers to ‘come out’ →