From ChangeThis: Most compa­nies would like to become more gender balanced at all levels, with women and men dancing together in a smooth and natural way. They have been trying for decades to attract, retain and promote more women. They have tried to grow their female customer bases. They are embar­rassed by the all-male faces on the board­room website, dancing to the tune of their own drum­mers. Most have gotten rid of the photos, but not the problem. Yet some compa­nies have tried really hard, for a really long time. And almost everyone, male and female, is suffering from gender fatigue. Why so much effort for so little result?

Because we have over-focused on kissing Cinderella awake from her slumber and inviting her to the ball. But nobody ever both­ered checking if the prince can actu­ally dance. · Go to Forget Cinderella, find Fred Astaire →