From London School of Economics: Two systems drive the way we think and make choices: System One is fast, intu­itive, and emotional; System Two is slower, more delib­er­a­tive, and more logical. Over many years, Daniel Kahneman has conducted ground­breaking research into this – in his own words – “machinery of the mind”. Fast thinking has extra­or­di­nary capa­bil­i­ties, but also faults and biases. Intu­itive impres­sions have a perva­sive influ­ence on our thoughts and our choices. Only by under­standing how the two systems work together, Kahneman shows, can we learn the truth about the role of opti­mism in opening up a new busi­ness, and the impor­tance of luck in a successful corpo­rate strategy, or the diffi­cul­ties of predicting what will make us happy in the future, and the psycho­log­ical pitfalls of playing the stock market. Kahneman shows where we can trust our intu­itions and how we can tap into the bene­fits of slow thinking. He offers prac­tical and enlight­ening insights into how choice are made in both our busi­ness and personal lives – and how we can guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble. This public conver­sa­tion between Professor Kahneman and Professor Lord Layard cele­brates the publi­ca­tion of Kahneman’s new book Thinking, Fast and Slow.