From Jere­miah Owyang: At previous compa­nies, I remember having to quietly sneak into back rooms, step­ping outside, or making up an excuse I had to go to Dr’s appoint­ments in order to go to job inter­views. Why? There was a fear that if you let your manage­ment know that you were even thinking of inter­viewing you could be fired on the spot. Espe­cially during a reces­sion, that’s a complete danger, no one wants their job or fami­lies to be at risk.

So instead, I’d rather prac­tice an open culture, that allows for the support of future career growth inside and outside of a company. In fact, I believe that after a team member puts in their appro­priate time to master their role (an impor­tant require­ment) and decides they want to move on, their colleagues should support them, be refer­ences for them, open doors for them, and even cheer them on as they go to the inter­view! · Go to Mindset: Never hide job inter­views →