From NY Times: Dominic Randolph can seem a little out of place at Riverdale Country School — which is odd, because he’s the head­master. Riverdale is one of New York City’s most pres­ti­gious private schools, with a 104-year-old campus that looks down grandly on Van Cort­landt Park from the top of a steep hill in the richest part of the Bronx. On the discus­sion boards of, worked-up moms from the Upper East Side argue over whether Riverdale sends enough seniors to Harvard, Yale and Princeton to be consid­ered truly “TT” (top-tier, in Urban­Babyese), or whether it is more accu­rately labeled “2T” (second-tier), but it is, certainly, part of the city’s private-school elite, a place members of the estab­lish­ment send their kids to learn to be members of the estab­lish­ment. Tuition starts at $38,500 a year, and that’s for prekinder­garten. · Go to What if the secret to success is failure? →