From Scott Belsky at Fast­Com­pany: To create what will be, you must remove your­self from the constant concern for what already is. Not long after the launch of a new site, I caught myself endlessly refreshing Twitter, checking sign-up stats and conver­sions to see how things were progressing. It quickly ate up my entire day. That’s the down­side of all the real-time data that we have at our finger­tips now–and it’s created what I call “inse­cu­rity work.” While this kind of check-in makes you feel momen­tarily satis­fied (multiple times per day), it doesn’t move a project forward or further any of your big goals. Over­coming the addic­tion of inse­cu­rity work requires a combi­na­tion of aware­ness, self-disci­pline, and dele­ga­tion. · Go to Work smart: Over­coming the addic­tion to “inse­cu­rity work” →