Why is the loss of one CEO the cause for universal mourning? Because he symbol­ized the kind of entre­pre­neurial capi­talism that gener­ates the fun that comes with creating the new.

Hardly anything unites Amer­i­cans anymore — except for the death of Steve Jobs. His passing and the deep mourning for him across polit­ical, gener­a­tional, and cultural divides remind us that we all can agree on one thing — that it is Jobs’s kind of capi­talism, entre­pre­neurial capi­talism, that we love, because it gener­ates the incred­ible fun that comes with creating the new. His death reminds us that the big, disrup­tive inno­va­tions almost always come from entre­pre­neurs who embody their following and enable the dreams and talents that they have inside and haven’t yet expressed. It reminds us that all net new job growth in the U.S. comes from star­tups and busi­nesses five years old or younger that begin in garages, college dorm rooms, or Star­bucks cafés. · Go to One more great lesson from Steve Jobs: Inno­va­tion begins as a social move­ment →