From Kimberly Struyk at imedia connec­tion: The average time spent on social media websites is larger than the time devoted to email (histor­i­cally the most popular activity on the internet). While it is true that the average time of TV consump­tion has not decreased (but is more frag­mented), the differ­ence between time allo­cated for social media involve­ment and internet usage for other means is decreasing, espe­cially among young people. The Gen Y or “digital natives” are increas­ingly connected with their “friends” online. Face­book accounts for more than 700 million members world­wide and within the United States; site traffic has increased to top Google’s share of visits and adver­tising (display). Finally, the Face­book valu­a­tion earlier this year by JP Morgan for more than $50 billion confirms the extent of the takeover. · Go to How to deter­mine the real value of a Face­book fan →