From Chris Zane at ChangeThis: “These types of rela­tion­ships are not easily formed nor are they formed overnight. They require excep­tional care, atten­tion, and a focus on contin­u­ously exceeding expec­ta­tions. At Zane’s, where we have chosen to compete on service rather than on price alone, it means providing unpar­al­leled customer service. We can never accept an unhappy customer, nor look at unsat­is­fied customer as an inevitable part of doing busi­ness. This method goes beyond the mindset of making an unhappy customer happy or simply matching the offers of our competi­tors. Creating life­time customers requires that you offer every customer or poten­tial customer more service than they consider reason­able. Further, it means that you actively solicit customer feed­back about what you could be doing better and use that infor­ma­tion to expand and tweak your offer­ings to best service the customer.” · Go to Rein­venting the wheel: Creating life­time customers →