From Gallup’s Tom Rieger at ChangeThis: “Fear is destroying compa­nies. Or more specif­i­cally, fear of loss is causing compa­nies to destroy them­selves. As managers are forced to do more with less, contend with limited resources, or battle for head­count and budget, many will begin to build walls to help protect their ability to meet their own local goals. Unfor­tu­nately, some­times those walls become so high that those inside lose sight of the ulti­mate outcome. Their world becomes defined by the piece, and not the puzzle. With the best of inten­tions, barriers are born, partic­u­larly if the rules that are created make it diffi­cult for others outside of the silo to succeed.” · Go to Guarding the guards: Crushing the bureau­cratic rules that limit success →