From WSJournal: The science of evolu­tionary psychology has flour­ished in recent years by asking “why” as well as “how” ques­tions about animal and human behavior, and answering them with histor­ical expla­na­tions. Evolu­tionary psychol­o­gists are now turning their atten­tion to more cultur­ally vari­able cogni­tive conun­drums. Hypocrisy and self-decep­tion, for example. Last year Robert Kurzban of the Univer­sity of Penn­syl­vania published a book called “Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite,” and this month Robert Trivers will publish a comple­men­tary expla­na­tion of self-decep­tion in his book “The Folly of Fools.” · Go to Matt Ridley on self decep­tion and evolu­tion →