From Stuart Elliot in NY Times: A new campaign for a univer­sity is borrowing a page from Dale Carnegie in trying to win friends and influ­ence the influ­encers. The campaign, now under way, promotes Boston Univer­sity as a center for world-class research. The image-building campaign, in print and online, is different from the typical campaign from a college or univer­sity that is aimed at poten­tial students and their parents. In this instance, the primary target market is so-called thought leaders who influ­ence the rank­ings on the surveys of best colleges and univer­si­ties published by the likes of U.S. News and World Report, The Times Higher Educa­tion, The Princeton Review and The Fiske Guide to Colleges. · Go to Boston Univer­sity adver­tises on a ‘need to know’ basis →