From A List Apart: Imagine you are standing on a bridge casting a net. Above the bridge is your conscious mind, where thoughts come and go like trav­elers visiting a fair. Below the bridge is your subcon­scious — the ever-flowing stream of random thoughts, with count­less ideas darting through the water like schools of brightly-colored fish. As is often the case where bridges and streams are concerned, a cold and menacing troll lurks nearby. This troll is your “Inner Critic.” The troll, aggres­sive and mean-spir­ited, doesn’t give a lick about your Grand Ideas. The troll has but one purpose: to prevent the ideas which play­fully zoom about your subcon­scious from being gath­ered into the net of your conscious­ness and made mani­fest in the world. · Go to Banishing your inner critic →