From Chad Bauman: In early 2008, Arena Stage along with a few other LORT theaters, began to test subscrip­tion alter­na­tives in focus groups. In doing so, I was absolutely certain that the results would show at least one, if not several, attrac­tive alter­na­tives to subscrip­tions. I was wrong. Our work indi­cated that each option we put forth was less attrac­tive to target single ticket buyers, multi-buyers and current subscribers than what we currently had. I was so surprised that we conducted a second series of focus groups with similar results. Amazed and confused, after a few months, I concluded our market research indi­cated that the subscrip­tion model wasn’t outdated, but that our execu­tion was flawed. · Go to Subscrip­tions dead? Maybe not. →