From Andrew Taylor: You can’t chal­lenge and inform the assump­tions that define your work until you realize that you have them, and accept that they can be chal­lenged. This is my primary complaint against prac­ti­tioners who rail against theory and advo­cate learning exclu­sively by working ‘in the trenches’. It’s not that I disagree — learning by doing is extra­or­di­narily powerful and impor­tant and essen­tial. But even the most prac­tical work is drip­ping with theory, satu­rated in it, swim­ming in it. Since Goethe said it rather well, I’ll quote him here (because nothing advances a theory/practice argu­ment better than quoting Goethe): “Every atten­tive glance into the world is already fraught with theory.” · Go to Of mental models and door­knobs →