From Knowledge@Wharton: The “phenom­enon of free” has hit many busi­nesses hard, partic­u­larly media busi­nesses, argues Saul J. Berman, Global & Amer­icas Leader for the IBM Strategy & Change Consulting Group. In Not for Free: Revenue Strate­gies for a New World, Berman offers lessons from busi­nesses that have inte­grated successful busi­ness model inno­va­tions, as well as from busi­nesses that have failed to do so. Recently, Knowledge@Wharton and Jerry (Yoram) Wind sat down with Berman to discuss his thoughts on who pays for free content and why new models are essen­tial. · Go to Not for free: Saul J. Berman on creating new revenue models →