From Knowledge@Wharton: By the time we make a purchase, we have read reviews, compared prices and fully eval­u­ated our options, whether we are buying a pillow or a Porsche. In the face of newly empow­ered consumers, marketers have had to rethink how they can win at the point of purchase. Jim Lecinski, Google’s managing director of U.S. sales and service, has written an e-book, Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, about a “new mental model for modern marketing,” which he calls ZMOT, or the Zero Moment of Truth. To learn more, Knowledge@Wharton and Wharton marketing professor Jerry (Yoram) Wind spoke with Lecinski about the explo­sion of choice, today’s highly informed consumer and what this new deci­sion-making moment means to marketers. · Go to Google’s Jim Lecinski on what the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ means for marketers →