From Felicity Evans in Smashing Maga­zine: Social media is more than a buzz­word. It’s now a lifestyle deci­sion for a lot of compa­nies. Many indi­vid­uals and orga­ni­za­tions have aban­doned a tradi­tional Web pres­ence (which used to mean a website and email address) in favor of a Face­book page coupled with a Twitter account. So, where does this leave email? Has the @ symbol lost its meaning as an address, and instead become the signi­fier of a Twitter name? I think that we need to radi­cally recon­sider our approach to email in this changing land­scape and under­stand that it can be a powerful tool when lever­aged correctly. · Go to Email Is (still) impor­tant and here is why →