From Fast­Com­pany: The London Under­ground map is right up there with the Mercator projec­tion in the carto­graphic pantheon. Designer Harry Beck replaced assump­tions of geographic accu­racy with prin­ci­ples of elec­trical wiring diagrams to create an entirely new way of thinking about urban wayfinding. But that was nearly a century ago. According to research by NYU professor Zhan Gao, 30% of trav­elers choose the wrong route on the current London Tube map, which has twice as many transit lines and is just as likely to be squinted at on a smart­phone as gazed at on a wall. Mark Noad updated Harry Beck’s legendary design to be more geograph­i­cally accu­rate and easier to read on mobile devices. · Go to The London tube map, redesigned for a multi­screen world →