From Rosa­beth Moss Kanter at Harvard Busi­ness Review: Compa­nies can make strategic choices once they know what condi­tions will apply — will laws change, will taxes be raised or lowered, will interest rates go up or down? You could be a CEO weighing factory loca­tion deci­sions in the U.S. or abroad, or a retail entre­pre­neur deciding where and when to open more stores. Waiting for deci­sions that provide a direc­tion, any direc­tion, can be para­lyzing. Moti­vating people to try some­thing new, or to get on with inno­va­tion, is tough when the rules of the game are up in the air. Uncer­tainty is one of the primary reasons that people resist change. People are rela­tively adapt­able once they know what the situ­a­tion is, like it or not. · Go to Five tips for coping with uncer­tainty and finding oppor­tu­nity →