Inno­va­tion manage­ment and creative problem solving method­ology are often mocked as being “soft” or “fuzzy” or somehow not worthy of real busi­ness atten­tion due to some perceived lack of disci­pline. Simi­larly, process zealots who claim to base all deci­sions on “data” deride the inno­va­tion-focused crowd as moving on “feeling” rather than “truth.” It’s true, at least in part, that inno­va­tion and creative problem solving intro­duce risk and vari­ance and unpre­dictability to busi­ness oper­a­tions. However, that risk and vari­ance and unpre­dictability can and should come with some goals, measures of perfor­mance and defi­n­i­tions of success. It should support an orga­ni­za­tional strategy for growth and new product/service devel­op­ment. · Go to The “math­e­matics” of inno­va­tion manage­ment… →