From Deborah Howard at Guiding Change: In an earlier post, Deb writes about fear as the root of all evil. “After medi­tating this morning, I real­ized that fear itself is not evil. How could it be? It is a natural instinc­tual response that serves as a survival mech­a­nism. If we do not expe­ri­ence some form of healthy fear, we might jump off moun­tain edges or not get out of the way of moving vehi­cles. However, as humans, our brains do not always differ­en­tiate between fear caused by a true life-threat­ening event and fear that results from feeling emotion­ally vulner­able. This is when fear can become maladap­tive. It is this maladap­tive fear that is the root of all evil.” · Go to Having the courage to express our fears →