From Garr Reynolds: The grad­u­a­tion speech is a tough gig; most speeches are soon forgotten, assuming they made any impact at all. The 2005 grad­u­a­tion speech by Steve Jobs garnered a lot of atten­tion at the time, and is still talked about today, having been down­loaded millions of times. If you have never seen Jobs’s Stan­ford speech, check it out below.

Last week the famous come­dian and TV talk­show host Conan O’Brien, who was sharing the stage with lumi­naries such as former US Pres­i­dent George H. W. Bush, gave a commence­ment speech for the ages. Although the speeches are different in style, they are both great exam­ples of enter­taining speeches which connect and engage and ulti­mately leave the audi­ence with some­thing memo­rable and valu­able.

And here’s one more from another well known TV talk­show host — Stephen Colbert’s 2011 Commence­ment Speech at North­western Univer­sity. · Go to Three must-see college grad­u­a­tion speeches →