From Garr Reynolds: Now 73, Dr. Cosby may not be on the radar screens of a much younger gener­a­tion, but ask any successful come­dian working today — young or old — and they will tell you that Bill Cosby is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of comedy. What makes Bill Cosby one of the most compelling enter­tains of our time is his ability to connect with people and deliver his messages natu­rally in the form of story. He’s the master story­teller. He does so well what most leaders and presen­ters of all kinds should do: tell real stories from your own life in a way that is rele­vant and engaging to your audi­ence. If more people could just remember that great speeches or presen­ta­tions leverage the power of the speaker’s own stories, we could rid the world of a good deal of boring speeches overnight. Watch Bill Cosby’s keynote address at Carnegie Mellon University’s 2007 commence­ment cere­mony below. · Go to Story­telling lessons from Bill Cosby →