From Knowledge@Wharton: In his new book, The Leader’s Check­list, Wharton manage­ment professor Michael Useem presents a collec­tion of 15 prin­ci­ples that can help leaders navi­gate success­fully through even the most diffi­cult circum­stances. Using such mile­stone events as the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners in 2010, the collapse of AIG in 2008 and the surrender of the Confed­erate army at Appo­mattox in 1865, Useem illus­trates the differ­ence between good and bad lead­er­ship, and how to achieve one’s own personal lead­er­ship success. The Leader’s Check­list is the first ebook published by Wharton Digital Press. To mark the occa­sion, the book will be avail­able as a free down­load at leading retailers until June 28, 2011. · Go to Mission crit­ical: 15 prin­ci­ples to help leaders meet their toughest chal­lenges →