From Sam Harris: You spot your best friend standing on the street corner looking strangely disheveled. You recog­nize that she is crying and fran­ti­cally dialing her cell phone. Was she involved in a car acci­dent? Did someone assault her? You rush to her side, feeling an acute desire to help. Your “self” seems to stand at the inter­sec­tion of these lines of input and output. From this point of view, you tend to feel that you are the source of your own thoughts and actions. You decide what to do and not to do. You seem to be an agent acting of your own free will. The problem, however, is that this point of view cannot be recon­ciled with what we know about the human brain. All of our behavior can be traced to biolog­ical events about which we have no conscious knowl­edge: this has always suggested that free will is an illu­sion. · Go to Free will (and why you still don’t have it) →