From ChangeThis: What does it really take to win, keep, and flourish in the best jobs? Let’s begin by shat­tering a sacred assump­tion. If you want a good job, it’s all about qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Put another way, the best way to increase your chances of getting a great job is by upgrading your skills. Right? Wrong!

That is, at least according to the thou­sands of the world’s top employers we formally surveyed. Their answers to these four ques­tions can and should have profound impli­ca­tions on your entire career.

Mindset utterly trumps Skillset. Not by a little, but by a land­slide. That’s why trying to win the best jobs by doing yet-more skills training is like training for a marathon by doing sprints and hurdles. It may help, but it’s not going to win the race.” · Go to Put your mindset to work: The secret weapon in winning, keeping, and flour­ishing in the best jobs →