From ALIA Institute: In a new DVD on “Mindfulness and Authenticity” Alan Sloan shares his personal understanding of mindfulness as it applies in the context of authentic leadership. When Alan talks about dropping pretense and approaching meditation with a light touch, he speaks from hard-won experience. He first met his meditation teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1970. At the time Alan was an earnest spiritual seeker, with flowing long hair and white cotton clothes, and living in an ashram. He recalls, “My experience was that most ‘holy men’ were of the ethereal kind, individuals who radiated peace, love, light, and kindness, and who were far from earthy in either language or dress. I imagined that Trungpa Rinpoche would be a Tibetan version of this kind of spiritual guide—someone monkish and sweet.” Instead he encountered a “short, chubby, oriental gentleman” wearing street clothes, with an earthy sense of humor and a taste for Scotch. Nevertheless, Alan requested a private interview. He brought a gift of an orange and then waited for words of wisdom. · Go to Letting go of pretense →