From ALIA Insti­tute: In a new DVD on “Mind­ful­ness and Authen­ticity” Alan Sloan shares his personal under­standing of mind­ful­ness as it applies in the context of authentic lead­er­ship. When Alan talks about drop­ping pretense and approaching medi­ta­tion with a light touch, he speaks from hard-won expe­ri­ence. He first met his medi­ta­tion teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1970. At the time Alan was an earnest spir­i­tual seeker, with flowing long hair and white cotton clothes, and living in an ashram. He recalls, “My expe­ri­ence was that most ‘holy men’ were of the ethe­real kind, indi­vid­uals who radi­ated peace, love, light, and kind­ness, and who were far from earthy in either language or dress. I imag­ined that Trungpa Rinpoche would be a Tibetan version of this kind of spir­i­tual guide—someone monkish and sweet.” Instead he encoun­tered a “short, chubby, oriental gentleman” wearing street clothes, with an earthy sense of humor and a taste for Scotch. Never­the­less, Alan requested a private inter­view. He brought a gift of an orange and then waited for words of wisdom. · Go to Letting go of pretense →