From ALIA Insti­tute: The best-known program in high tech for promoting wisdom prac­tices is Google’s Search Inside Your­self, which was spear­headed by Chade-Meng Tan. Meng, as he is known, is already a veteran spokesperson for the Wisdom 2.0 move­ment. His core belief is that if you can reach people at their work­place, you can change how they are, and ulti­mately change the world. It’s becoming a kind of article of faith for the Wisdom 2.0 crowd. For Kevin Rose, it includes things as simple as providing people at work with high quality loose tea, so they have to “at least inter­rupt their momentum long enough to prop­erly make a good cup of tea,” which they may then take the time to enjoy rather than simply gulp down. · Go to The power of pause in a high tech world →